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WRAP UP BACK UP – Ensuring you back up your Mac

How to back up your Apple Mac Computer – using an external hard drive.

SuperDuper is a way of making a full back up of your entire mac including software, download it for free to find out how easy it is.

You’ll need a Mac compatible external hard drive, I have an ADATA hard drive that is water resistant and shock resistant, though you can use whichever Apple Mac compatible hard drive you may have. You will need to check what operating system you are running on your mac and download the corresponding software for your machine. The back-up process will require you to format your external hard drive to start with. So if you’ve got content on the external hard drive make sure it’s saved somewhere else.

Other Features
You can also set the computer to close on completion, schedule a back-up, or quit SuperDuper when it completes.

Top Tip:

Clear your trash before making the back up to ensure you’re not backing up files that you have already trashed! It could also speed up the process.

It has a straight forward prompt system, and you can follow the instructions. Remember the free version is a good system so try that out before you buy the full version if you want the extra features.



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