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Every Picture Tells a Story…

Nowadays it’s so easy for people to upload a recent photo from a phone, iPad or well meaning friend with a DSLR with no clue on how to use it to the company website or social media feed. In some industries this makes no difference, in others it makes all the difference.

Product photography is a particular skill set that is often overlooked by photographers, often preferring to focus more on people and life events, after all that is where B2C markets occur. NightSearcher invested in getting some incredibly talented photographers to showcase their products, and reaped the rewards.

One of the best photographers that I’ve worked with recently is Rob Fry, a Hampshire based photographer, his experience literally shone through, when photographing products for NightSearcher, lighting products are notoriously difficult to photograph as the light impacts the photograph but without even breaking a sweat Rob produced high quality photographs every time.


Some top tips I have learnt when organising photoshoots:

  • Ensure you print out a checklist of products / people to photograph
  • Create a list of shot angles (and examples) required for each product / person i.e. straight on, side view etc.
  • Send examples of styles, types of photos you like to the photographer before the shoot so they know which lenses, lighting, props would be required.
  • Double sided tape, blue tack, gaffa tape and scissors are usually required keep them at hand.
  • Before the shoot starts make sure you have asked your photographer for a digital copy of the photos at the highest resolution possible.
  • Get the photographer to transfer the photos to you via: wetransfer.com – A free transfer website for large digital files.
  • Make sure the photoshoot is run like a military campaign with timeframes listed and emailed to relevant parties.
  • To ensure your photographers time is not wasted (and your money) it is handy if you have a second person to help setup products or go and collect people for their photograph.

Happy snapping!

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