How to Grow 3 Areas within Meon Valley Travel

Mobile first experience

distinct website Offerings

STory and brand

Different audiences require different product offerings, but across the leisure, corporate and healthcare repatriation side of the business it is clear that everyone is looking for ways to simplify their journeys. Be it by having all their information in one app, making a phone call and getting booking information immediately or being able to book quickly on the fly, customers are reliant on their mobile device to make their journey more hassle free.

How can Meon Valley Travel help customers in their daily processes?


Strategy & Roadmap.

The white labelling of travel offering is a great example of how embed Meon throughout the companies internal systems. It ties companies into regular and consistent revenue streams with little consideration to cost.  Yet these elements are behind the scenes, and there is opportunity to promote these through videos, demo pages, landing pages, Google campaigns

Visual & UX Design

Every element of these projects need to be built with a ‘mobile first’ mindset.


Each element needs to seamlessly integrate with other spheres within Meon Valley Travel’s core platform offering.

How to grow Meon Valley Travel through loyalty…

Sell the Story – let the customer be the hero…

Most companies become frustrated when booking flights, organising travel or insurance for staff travel, is a headache that very few people want to take on. Frustrated PA’s, travelling Business Development Managers, MD’s and Operations Directors are all potentially looking for a way to save themselves time, the hassle and ‘become the hero’ in their travel story.

Sorting out last minute flights is such a time consuming task, and I then have the worry did I book the right flight, taxi, or transfer. I’d rather pass on that headache if I can.


PA to the MD

Ease of Implication
By implementing a Meon Travel system, that enables hassle free travel for staff, there are three things that are important. Ease of implication, Ease of Use across mobile devices, and value for money.  Can Marie the PA get the ball rolling, with a credit card and a Purchase Order. Can the MD easily access his travel details on his phone, without some complex three factor sign in. And finally is there a nice easy report to show how much they’ve saved in time, money so they can be the hero and report on how much money they’ve saved their company weekly, monthly. 

Travel Calendar
Frequent flyer could benefit from a calendar with important information. It would also enable Meon to be able to send push notifications to customers on their device. 

Not Just Analytics, Aspirational Tailored Content… 
Human interactions, Exceeding Expectations

Companies like AirBnb have flourished, as people can really see what their room is going to be like. It is an authentic experience, and connected to real humans. Often overlooked in AirBnb case studies, it’s successful because of the human interactions. It may have started off by being cheaper, but now it’s almost double the price of standard hotels, for a yurt! It’s about being memorable and it’s about the little touches that exceed expectations, ‘and we had a free breakfast or bottle of Prossecco from the owner’. Meon Valley Travel offer this already, but there are many ways to make customers feel that value. Perhaps the tailored suggestions for honeymoon nights away, or birthday getaways in tailored locations. Think ‘Thread’ for travel. 



This is the time to develop bold and courageous digital strategies that not only help Meon Valley Travel create more leads but ensure they are embedded within how customers run their business and organise their travel.

Mobile App Development

All of these ideas stem from a ‘mobile first ‘audience.

Roadmap & Strategy

A key time to jump ahead of the competition through serving Meon Valley Travel’s customers frustrations. Need to play into that and sell the solution, once you’ve sold the frustration and pain point. 

Backend & API Development

There are so many other opportunities to tie in customers to the Meon Valley Travel brand. Including custom APIs with digital print companies like and solopress where customers can visually create holiday memories, printed travel books and store their photos backed up and guaranteed safe.