Values & Experience

Strategic Planning

Ten years experience in delivering web design, graphic design, and email marketing projects learning and delivering projects for retail and e-commerce organisations.

Driven by Data

Budget management of marketing projects and teams, recently completed AAT accountancy qualification (2019). Analytical approach to projects to consecutively hit KPIs for 2019. 

Effective communication has been key in delivering projects that seem impossible at the outset, but through presentations to the teams to get buy-in, goal setting and project planning they have been delivered on time and to budget.

Creative Approach
My background in design and development enables better articulation and visualisation of project goals, as well as a quicker turnaround of projects.


Video has been increasingly key on my projects and after learning Adobe Premier and how to put a shoot together myself, it has enabled me to work more effectively with production companies to get more from the projects I run. 

POS and Retail Packaging
POS and packaging projects are notoriously tricky, after delivering over 80 within a year timeframe, I learned a great deal in utilising team members strengths, training staff and how great communication can get projects completed more efficiently. 

Related Experience

POS and Product Packaging Projects

Years experience of web and e-commerce

Product launches on time and to budget!

Videos created for digital campaigns

Case Studies

In my current role as Marketing Team Leader at Meon I organised the event visit for Secretary of State for Defence, Penny Mordaunt. Delivering presentation materials, staff cheat sheets and PR from the meeting as well as securing some strategic goals for industry contacts.

POS and Product Packaging

New product POS and product launches are often time bound and require well structured print management and distribution. Whilst working for NightSearcher I managed all product packaging and POS materials for retail operations across the UK. 

Professional Video

Previous video had been shot poorly and didn’t reflect the product quality and features and benefits. Illustrations and animations simplified the products capabilities especially useful for different language adapations. 

Let’s chat

I would be keen to open the discussion about the role either by phone 07837 57 63 73 or email: andrew@ajhj.co.uk