A sister company of NightSearcher, where old products were sold off at discount. Therefore required to look distinctly different to avoid customers confusing the two brands. 

Responsive Logo

This logo works in black and white, which keeps costs down, and gives opportunity to add colour. It also can be stamped, and it’s clearly legible font means that it can be put on promotional materials easily.


Brand Values & Vision


The composition of the logo highlights the two text elements. The ‘T’ makes the torch, and the ‘W’ makes an illustration of the Warehouse, it is also quite a nice bold icon which would be easily recognisable.

Responsive Logo

Perfect to work at different sizes, and for digital platforms. 

Previous Logo

Avoiding Same font Choice 

Previous logos for Nightsearcher and Torchwarehouse used the same font. Although there are some differences, it looks fairly similar. The torchwarehouse design is also dated and is
very poorly executed.

New Logo

Product Packaging

Packaging products like tape were required as part for the distribution team. 

Long Form 

This logo is used when spelling the full domain name and when in it’s long landscape format.


Main Logo

This logo is useful size for when a long landscape logo is not appropriate. Also at this size, you can easily see the incorporation of the torch graphic within the font text and the warehouse on the ‘H’ in house.

This logo choice is also useful when designs require a shorter length.

Short Form 

This logo is used when there is a limitation of space and a more portrait version of the logo is required. This format also works when used within square boxes.


Emblem Icon

Useful for Favicon’s, and where emblem type elements are required. Some design elements from this can be used throughout literature.